What post adoption support is available?

We are able in certain circumstances to pay adoptive parents an allowance to help maintain the child. This applies particularly to family groups and children with disabilities or special needs.

These allowances are reviewed annually. They are designed to ensure that adopters do not suffer financial hardship as a result of adoption and so are able to meet the needs of the child.

All allowances are means tested and if your child meets the criteria for an adoption allowance you will be asked to supply financial details of your income, savings and expenditure e.g. mortgage.

Adoptive parents are able to apply for state benefits which are available to families with children. These include Child benefit and where appropriate Disability Living Allowance, Invalid Care Allowance, Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit.

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-traditional-indian-family-image25540796All adoption agencies have a duty to offer you support and help when required. Although there is no legal obligation for adoptive parents to remain involved with the adoption agency, most adoptions today involve some degree of post adoption contact with the birth family. The minimum would be annual news of the child.

Each of the four participating agencies have Post Adoption services and offer advice and practical support to adoptive parents and your children throughout their childhood and later lives. Adoptive parents also have access to help from Adoption Support plus other organisations such as Adoption UK and BAAF.

It is important to remember that you can contact the support workers at any time. You are not alone, help is available when ever you need it.