Adoption in the Black Country is a joint venture between the four local authorities

Wolverhampton-city-councildudley-council  walsall-council Sandwell-council

Many of the children waiting to be adopted are in sibling groups of 2 or more. They are from a variety of ethnic backgrounds; white, black, Asian and dual heritage. We need families from all social, cultural and religious backgrounds to come forward so we can match these children appropriately.

So, why Adopt with Adoption in the Black Country?

Working in partnership means we are able to offer a greater range of choice for children and adopters. By sharing information about waiting children and approved adopters it enables us to find home for children more efficiently. Our joint approach also enables us to run preparation courses much more frequently. By working together and pooling our knowledge, expertise and resources we are able to support the needs of all those whose lives are affected by adoption.

For more information about adoption, or if you would like someone to contact you, please complete the on-line enquiry form or freephone: 0800 073 0597